Nantucket Outfitters and Capt. Bill Toelstedt invite you to experience some of the best saltwater light tackle and fly fishing the Northeast has to offer. Wether you are chasing squid-hungry stripers and bluefish in the rips and shoals that surround Nantucket, targeting atlantic speedsters such as bonito and false albacore off Madaket's west end, or venturing offshore to brawl with rod-busting bluefin tuna and sharks...Capt. Bill will take you there! With over 10 years as a FULL-TIME charter captain and fishing guide on and around the waters of Nantucket, specializing in light tackle plug casting and fly fishing...Capt. Bill will make your fishing day a memorable one.
Striped Bass
Striped Bass begin arriving to Nantucket waters in good numbers in the month of May. From this point on until the end of June...stripers can be found in great numbers and relatively close to home. If fly fishing and/plug casting for Striped Bass is your plan...JUNE is it! As waters warm around the shores and beaches of Nantucket into the month of July... striped bass can be found in good numbers a short distance away in the offshore rips and shoals of Nantucket and its surrounding islands. For those inshore fisherman who seek Striped Bass in July and August ...a night fishing trip can be a great option. Nothing beats casting a pencil popper into the turbulent waters of a rip/shoal and having a striped bass explode with reckless abandon! Equally exciting for the flyrodder can be connecting with a 20 or 30 pound bass as it stops your fly dead in 30 feet of water and makes that classic first run! 30 lb Striped Bass are NOT uncommon this time of year!
Best Action: June through mid - July
Bluefish begin their arrival not too long after the bass. The end of May also brings the blues and the fishing action continues to improve as the waters warm into July and August. If bluefish action is what you seek...JULY and AUGUST is the time! There are many places on the East Coast that offer great bluefish action...but none better than the Island of Nantucket! Nantucket blues will undoubtedly leave you with sore arms and a smile on your face! For those beginner or novice fly fisherman ...this is a great opportunity to "catch"!
Best Action: July and August
Atlantic Bonito begin to invade the waters of Nantucket around the last week of July and good action can last until early September. Madaket's west end offers a great opportunity to catch one of these "fast fish". Most Atlantic bonito caught weigh approximetly 5-10 lbs... but the way they pull, you would think they were 20-30 lbs. Besides their amazing speed and fighting ability...they are one of the tastiest fish around. Wether sushi style or on the will not be disappointed!
Best Action: Late July to early September
False Albacore
False Albacore arrive to the island around early September and continue to terrify baitfish all around the island until mid-October. Although, not a very good fish for the table...False Albacore or "Albies" will make you reel "scream" for mercy! Not the easiest fish to catch... False Albacore present a serious challenge to the most seasoned angler. And like Bonita... "albies" fight in a much higher weightclass.
Best Action: September to early October
Bluefin Tuna
If offshore action is what you seek and conditions are ideal... bluefin tuna can offer a light tackle or flyfishing challenge that rivals almost any saltwater species. Although this highly migratory species can weigh upwards of 1000 lbs or more...the smaller, more common "football" size bluefin (20-40 lbs) invade the waters around Nantucket and can present a serious challenge for the most experienced angler. Depending on conditions and water temperature, these bluefin can be found relatively close to shore from late July to early September. As if their sheer power and blistering speed were not enough reason to target this species...they are arguably one of the best tasting fish in the ocean.
Best Action: Late July through early September
As if Nantucket did not have enough to offer... just a short distance offshore lurks and abundance of blue, mako, and thresher sharks! If you've never tangled with a big're missing out on an exciting fishery! Although blue sharks are most common ...hooking up with and seeing the aerial acrobatics of a mako or thresher shark can be the experience of a lifetime. For an even bigger challenge ...try hooking one of these monsters on a flyrod!
Best Action: Mid-July through early September